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With the network of solar plants we power the Greenful Group plants across the entire Europe with

Green solar energy

Greenful Energy

Powering a Sustainable Future

Greenful Energy is part of the Greenful Group and is created to make Greenful Group’s production facilities energy-neutral. Additionally, Greenful Energy aims to become a major international energy producer.

We aim revolutionize the energy industry through our unwavering commitment to renewable energy, circular economy practices, energy neutrality, global impact, and sustainable innovation.

  • Energy Neutrality Leaders: We practice what we preach. Greenful Energy sets the benchmark for energy neutrality in our production facilities. We aim to achieve a near-zero carbon footprint by employing energy-efficient processes, adopting renewable energy sources, and implementing cutting-edge technologies. Our commitment to energy neutrality sets a new standard for the industry.
  • Circular Economy Champions: Greenful Energy embraces the principles of the circular economy. We have developed groundbreaking technologies to manufacture superior construction materials from recycled textile and plastic waste. Our flagship product, the Greenful Panel, represents a paradigm shift in sustainable construction, eliminating waste and reducing the demand for virgin resources.
  • Sustainable Solutions: We prioritize sustainable technology solutions. From the initial design phase to implementing and maintaining our projects, we employ cutting-edge technologies that align with our environmentally friendly ethos. Greenful Panel will serve as the base material for several solar panel manufacturers, which means that in the future, our solar parks will be built using panels made from recycled materials, including the most critical aspect: Greenful is developing new products, one component of which is recycled old solar panels.

Greenful Group

Greenful has been selected as a long-term partner globally by KPMG, as an Emerging Giant client. Our flagship product, ‘Greenful Panel,’ is a revolutionary, 100% eco-friendly load-bearing recyclable construction panel made from textile and plastic waste. It has been proven to outperform existing materials and meets all EU requirements for green building in various applications such as interior and exterior construction, furniture, flooring, and more.

Greenful specializes in manufacturing high-performance construction materials on a large scale using recycled textile and plastic waste. We are the first company to produce construction materials in significant quantities from recycled waste.

Our mission at Greenful is to be a global innovator in building products that reduce waste in the environment, enhance the sustainability of construction, and reduce CO2 emissions.

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